A healthy skincare routine keeps your skin glowing and in good condition for longer! It prevents skin breakouts, pimples, inflammation and wrinkles. An effective routine can help cure acne, treat wrinkles, and ensure that your skin looks its best. Here’s why! Your skin is directly exposed to weather changes, sunlight, and environmental pollutants. It loses firmness, […]
  • The Hows And Whys of Skincare for Men!
    Dullness on your skin? Fine lines showing up? Sudden skin breakouts? You definitely have been ignoring your skin since too long! Just like women, skin problems are common in men too! Did you know that skin problems are known to affect self confidence and performance for both men and women? It’s high time that men start […]
  • Three Most Influential Women in the Skincare Industry
    Also known as the “United day for women’s rights and peace”, Women’s day is the turning point in the movement for women’s rights. It is celebrated around the world on 8th March every year. Initially, it started as a protest for better pay and women’s right to vote. Today, this day is celebrated across the globe […]
  • Launch Event of ShoaibMalikbyTrulyKomal
    The Red Carpet was all lit up, a modest media wall placed amidst two very creative photo booths. One of which reminded me of a magazine cover, while the other resembled a boat on a sunny day! I must say, they looked tempting, and I am quite sure the queue waiting patiently for their turn for […]
  • 9 Skincare Mistakes We All Make!
    There are certain skin care mistakes that are definitely a sin to make! And most of us are guilty of making some, if not all of these mistakes. Which skin care sin are you guilty of?? 1. Not washing your makeup brushes How often do you wash your makeup brushes? The answer to this for many […]
  • 6 Tips for Perfect Winter Hair
    Regardless of the hair’s type or texture, winters are definitely tough on them! This is why we stress so much on a set hair care routine. Just like the skin, the hair also needs protection from the cold and dry air. A little care and extra effort, can keep your hair voluminous, smooth and lustrous this […]
    As opposed to the common myth that skin and hair care is only for women, we strongly believe otherwise! Both men and women MUST take care of their skin!  The routine that needs to be followed by men, however, is much less complicated than for women.  We have already shared skin care regimes for women in […]
  • The Best Night Routine for your Skin
    Ever wondered, why skin care experts stress so much over a night time skin routine?? Here’s why! Just like the rest of the body, our skin, REPAIRS, RESTORES and REGENERATES while we sleep. This is exactly why people who sleep well often have fantastic skin! Now that we know when to treat our skin, we should […]
  • How To Get Rid of Acne In Eight Easy Steps
    Are those ugly red spots on your skin coming in your way?? If yes, then KNOW that you are not the only one! At least 85% of the world’s population faces the same problem! Do not worry, just like everything else, this too, has a solution! A little adaption in lifestyle and some extra care can […]
  • All About Serums
    The evolution in skin care has brought with it many new products to the market. Of late, the list of skincare products available in the market has become more diverse and extensive. Amongst them, Serum is comparatively, a new product and has recently gained a lot of popularity. Although many people have started using serums, they […]
  • Super Charge Your Skin Care Regime
    We all know how a beautiful skin can boost our confidence levels! Maintaining a healthy, happy skin, however, is no piece of cake. Here’s why: The outer layer of your skin is not only a constant victim of the harsh sun rays but is also in continuous contact with dry air and environmental pollutants.  The dry […]