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The process of hair loss defers from person to person. It might be gradual for some, while for others, it may occur very fast. It is best to arrest this problem as soon as it starts so that the cure can be started as soon as possible. The first few signs of hair loss always differ for people according to gender and causes. One very common important cause of hair loss is genetics or heritage. Hereditary hair loss is caused due to shrinking of hair follicles that eventually stop growing hair. For many, this process starts later in life, but some people might experience it as early as their teens. In case of hereditary hair loss in men, the first signs are often a receding hair line or a bald patch at the top of the head. Hair loss due to other problems may start with sudden loosening of hair and/or patches of baldness all around the head. What are the main causes of hair loss? Hair loss can be attributed to many causes! Sometimes the reason is a poor diet and unbalanced nutrition count, at other times it may be due to genetics, deficiency in certain minerals, strong medications, hormonal imbalances, scalp infections, stress or pollution. Very often, simply wearing a cap or helmet too often might be the reason for hair fall. How fight hair loss. Just a little care can slow down, and at times prevent hair loss!

 1. Improve your diet:

tfrght Make sure your diet contains the right blend of biotin, iron, protein, and zinc. Deficiency in any of these minerals can cause your hair to weaken and start falling. In most cases, a mineral deficiency also hinders re growth of hair. It is a proven fact that a biotin-rich diet or biotin supplements delay hair loss. To increase biotin content, add nuts, sweet potatoes, eggs, onions and oats in your diet.

 2. Stay Hydrated:

drinking-water One of the most effective ways to keep your hair healthy is to drink enough water. Here’s why! Water hydrates the hair cells and helps your hair grow strong; dehydration on the other hand, hinders hair growth. We recommend at least two liters of water every day. This will help activate the energy that is transferred to the scalp and ensure that it reaches till the hair’s end.

 3. Wash regularly with mild shampoo:

shampoo-malk-zoom An unclean scalp gives rise to bacteria formation and accumulation of dead skin cells, which not only clogs hair follicles but also leads to hair fall. This is especially true in case of men who work out or wear a cap or helmet very often. This is mainly because sweat on the scalp gives rise to bacteria and also clogs hair pores, which again disturbs the process of hair re growth. Washing hair regularly keeps the scalp clean and removes dead hair follicles. A clean scalp stimulates hair growth and reduces hair fall. We recommend a good quality mild shampoo, which should be used three to five times a week, according to the hair type.

 4. Use a good quality hair serum:

tonic-zoom-malik Just like eating the right diet makes your hair healthy, applying the right products also helps strengthen the hair. We highly recommend a good quality oil or serum that is rich in Biotin. When applied directly on the hair, Biotin strengthens existing hair strands and minimizes breakage. It further works to nourish hair follicles on the scalp, upgrading hair elasticity and making it durable.

 5. Exercise and de stress:

Regular exercise enhances blood circulation. If your scalp gets enough blood, your hair stays strong and healthy. Exercise further works to balance the hormonal levels and reduce stress, which, again, make your hair healthy. Make sure you walk or swim at least for 30 minutes a day. There is medical evidence that stress is directly linked to hair loss. It is therefore very important not to take much stress. One very effective way to de-stress yourself is to regularly meditate and practice yoga.

 6. Make sure your hair is sweat free:

Men who wear caps or helmets undergo serious hair loss problems, especially during the summers. This is because sweat accumulated on the scalp penetrates through the pores and clogs them. This weakens the roots of the hair and causes hair loss. If a cap or helmet cannot be avoided, we suggest wearing a bandanna or a terry cloth over your hair or a terry cloth headband.


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