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I am so impressed with the Trulykomal Nourishing cream. It has deeply hydrated my skin and within a month my hyper pigmentation looked almost gone! Miraculous! Yayy!
I am very picky about which serums I use. But thank God I tried the Trulykomal Stem Cell
serum…. not only have my pores started to look smaller and my skin smoother… but it also acts as a great primer for my makeup!!
Finally there is a great quality sunblock in the market. It instantly absorbed into my skin and
there was no white stuff left on my face! And it moisturizes my face too so i can actually even
skip my moisturizer sometimes… wohoo!
I am using the entire Trulykomal Range and my entire face and neck has been glowing for
the past two weeks! So exciting! Good job Komal Rizvi!!!!! Keep it up!
Ordered their nourishing cream two weeks back, it doesn’t work overnight, but these last few days of constant use, I have been seeing visible differences in my skin tone. Would buy again x
Can’t recommend enough! Love love their glow serum. My skin is hyper-sensitive so I usually stay away from highly potent products but this is very soft on skin. 
I rarely find ethical and cruelty free brands in Pakistan that deliver results as promised. Ordered their cream and I am surprised at how little you need to use and it spreads evenly.
Ran out of regular sunblock so bought TrulyKomal after hearing good reviews from friends. Leaves no white residue, and absorbs very easily and its SPF 50 so provides me the necessary protection on the go. Would buy more!!
Fast delivery and good customer service. I ordered sunblock and some days I don’t even need to apply my moisturizer as it’s so hydrating and keeps me skin soft all day. Would like if they also launch other products for mild acne  and skin conditions.
Finally found a sunblock that leaves no residue!! Can’t wait to try other products.
I’ve tried a lot of moisturizing creams and came back to this one after experimenting with others as well. After a month of using it, my skin looks really good. The pores look smaller and lighter and the texture of the skin is nice and even. Great to see quality products being made available in Pakistan.
I struggle with very dry skin – and tried a lot of products to help with the issue. This one worked like a charm. I use it for almost 3 weeks already, and definitely see the change. Fresh look, hydrated feel, and it smells nice – I recommend this cream
WOW is all I have to say! Pre-ordered the serum and availed the discount and I wasn’t sure about the quality. But this has exceeded my expectations.  
Bought the nourishing cream and love the results. Used it for 3 weeks and people have commented on my skin. Feels fresh and brighter than before. Would recommend this!
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Tanzeela Hashwani
Mrs. Anila Raheela
Shazia Akbar
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Madiha Mughal
Filza Fatima
Amna Sajad
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