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TrulyKomal- Sachee main Soft on your skin!

We can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are about this project! Developed by the top most Cosmetic Chemists in Canada, and as you know Canada has one of the strictest cosmetological regulations in the world, produced products in SPAIN that are 100% safe and effective but also use the most advanced technology in skin care today!??? Free of all Parabens and harmful substances, 100% cruelty free and Halal compliant, all our products are so safe that you can even use them on your kids!!!We are starting our launch with 3 products calling them The Starlight series. Because they are the building blocks for basic skin care regime.

A gorgeous Glow Serum made using stem cell technology… A brightening, deep moisturizing LUXURIOUS cream, and a 100% safe sunblock with SPF50!! The reason we are starting with these 3 is because they are the most important products thate everyone absolutely must use every single day. They are the baseline for your skin care needs.

Help us revolutionise skin care in Pakistan, help us catch up to the International standards and raise awareness for having healthy beautiful skin!

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