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Our special of the week!
Apply our FABULOUS Glow mask enriched with the goodness of concentrated Phalsa extract and its antioxidants! Plus, with Zinc and Niacinamide to Brighten your skin and make it GLOW!
Best results of any mask is when u put it on clean and SCRUBBED Skin… free of dirt and dead skin cells so this magical product can absorb better and your skin can REALLY feel all the benefits!
Apply twice a week at least!
It has no side effects AT ALL!

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Trulykomal’s Glow Facemask

Niacinamide is all the rage now in the world, and for a very good reason! Also known as Vitamin B3, this fabulous ingredient reduces enlarged pores, uneven skin tone, fine lines, and makes your skin look brighter and glow INSTANTLY! We also added Phalsa Extract, Pakistans favorite sour berry, which is magical for dryness and any acne issues or redness that you may be having and for that extra GLOW GLOW GLOW! Wear it for 15 to 25 minutes before a party, wedding or any special occasion as many times in the week as you may need! Party on Glow Girls!

Trulykomal’s Glow Facescrub

For the very FIRST TIME IN PAKISTAN, we have introduced an ultra finely milled, SUGAR based DRY face scrub. It’s so fine that you can use it everyday! No harshness, no abrasions! You can use it dry, you can use it with plain water, and mix it in with any facewash too! Exfoliating with this scrub daily will help remove dead skin cells gently, help absorption of all your serums and creams better, AND will make for a much smoother make-up application! With magical ingredients like Vitamin C and E it will also simultaneously nourish and improve your skin, plus with zinc oxide, the fantastic mineral that helps with brightening and anti-aging too!!!


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