Worried about thinning of hair? You are not the only one!

Hair loss is far more common than you can imagine! In fact, it is one of the biggest issues faced by men and women around the world! Luckily, thinning of hair is not untreatable. Hair fall can be prevented and also treated easily.

There are many causes of hair fall. Some of the most common ones being a poor hair care routine, unhealthy diet, and use of low-quality products. Hair fall can definitely be reduced! All you need is a little adaption in lifestyle!

We are sharing a few tips below that will help you take better care of your hair. Follow them to find a drastic reduction in hair fall!


  1. Wash regularly with mild shampoo:

In many cases the only reason for hair fall is unclean hair. Some people do not wash their hair that often or do not wash them properly. This leaves dirt and grime on the scalp that clogs pores and causes hair to fall. We suggest washing hair at least every two days. This will keep the pores clean and unclogged, thus, reducing hair fall.



  2. Take a Protein-enriched diet:

A protein-deficient diet leads to hair loss, mainly because hair follicles are made of protein. If you are not taking enough protein, your follicles become weak and this leads to hair fall. Once you improve your diet pattern, your hair follicles will gradually return to normal and hair fall will be reduced.



  3. Massage scalp regularly with essential oils:

A good head massage not only relieves stress but also nourishes the hair. A decrease in stress automatically decreases hair fall, while a good massage with quality hair oil stretches hair follicles and makes hair thicker. Massaging the head also helps dilate blood vessels, regulating the blood flow in the scalp, thus making hair stronger.



  4. Stay hydrated:

Hydrated hair cells work better than dehydrated cells. No wonder, a dehydrated body hinders hair growth and accelerates hair loss. Taking enough water, makes hair cells work more efficiently and helps the hair grow longer and stronger while increasing the volume. It also reduces hair loss and helps keep hair in place.



  5. Do not brush wet hair:

Wet hair is more sensitive and fragile than dry hair. Brushing wet hair can lead to hair breakage easily and can also result in hair damage. We recommend letting your hair dry a little before brushing. If it cannot be avoided, then we suggest using a wide-tooth comb which is gentler on frail strands.



  6. Use Biotin enriched products:

Biotin or Vitamin B helps the body metabolize carbohydrates, protein, and fat. It is considered to be a very important Vitamin for hair and nail health. This is because it enhances the production of a protein, commonly known as keratin which is an essential structural protein that makes up your hair.
If you are facing hair loss, we highly recommend checking your Biotin levels.

Biotin deficiency, can easily be replenished through intake of Biotin or by using products that contain Biotin.


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