Skin getting dull, dry, and thirsty??? Use the power of Hyaluronic Acid to trap the lost moisture!!!

Hyaluronic acid is a sugar molecule, naturally produced by the body. Along with having numerous benefits for the body, it is very useful when applied directly to the skin. Its key role is to bind water to collagen and trap it within the skin. Its unique ability to retain moisture deeply hydrates the skin, making it plumper and dewier.

How do you know that your skin needs Hyaluronic Acid?

As your skin starts aging, it starts producing lesser Hyaluronic acid. As a result, your skin becomes dry and less elastic. This gives rise to various skin problems such as dull, patchy, sagging skin and wrinkles. This is when you know it’s time you start taking active measures to correct these skin problems before they start creating more damage.
An increase in awareness of the importance of Hyaluronic acid has led many skincare companies to add Hyaluronic acid to their creams and serums. Now you can easily find Hyaluronic acid-based products over the counter in numerous stores and pharmacies.

What does Hyaluronic Acid do?

Hyaluronic acid holds over 1000 times its weight in water!
It has Skin hydration properties that deeply moisturize your skin and keeps it radiant. Its ability to retain moisture helps it to fade wrinkles and prevent new wrinkles from forming. It has healing properties, effectively reduces the size of surface wounds, and relieves pain in these areas. With numerous antioxidants, it continuously nourishes the skin and helps it stay plump and healthy!

How to use Hyaluronic acid the TrulyKomal way.

We strongly advise using Hyaluronic Acid-based products at least twice a day, ideally, once in the morning as soon as you wake up, and then at night before your sleep!

Morning routine with Hyaluronic acid.

Give your face a thorough wash with the TrulyKomal face wash after you wake up. You can choose from our Brightening face wash, Acne eraser face wash, or our Charcoal face wash! Once all the dirt and sweat settled on your face overnight has been cleaned, dry your skin with a clean towel or tissue. Apply a few drops of hyaluronic acid serum and pat gently on the face. Next, apply Hyaluronic acid moisturizer and gently spread it on your face with your fingertips. In the end, apply the TrulyKomal SPF 50+ sunblock. Apply your choice of makeup and you are all set to go.


Bedtime routine and Hyaluronic acid.

After a long day out, your face is bound to have attracted dirt and grime, which, if not cleaned properly will clog your pores! Unless timely addressed, this can lead to pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads! Make sure you remove your makeup with the TrulyKomal gentle cleansing milk. We also advise, double cleaning your face by using any of your TrulyKomal facewashes! Then apply Hyaluronic acid serum and the Hyaluronic acid moisturizer just as we have explained above! Your skin is now clean, nourished, and moisturized. Take a good night’s sleep and let your skin repair through the night!!


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