Truly Komal Glow Facewash


Description (Minimum Order 2 units!)
BRIGHTENING FACEWASH with Licorice Extract, Honey, Via E and Rose Extract.

All Skin Types
No age Restrictions (3+)

Brightening Facewash was formulated keeping in mind South Asian skin types. It will keep your skin hydrated even if you need to wash your face multiple times a day because we have used pure 100% Honey in it! Licorice, also known as Mulethi in Pakistan, will lighten and brighten your skin making it more even toned with time despite the fact that a face wash only comes in contact with the skin for 30 to 60 seconds! We have added Vitamin E in this wash too, just to make sure your face looks smoother and cleaner even if you have worn makeup or been exposed to the sun and dirt all day! And it is not over yet! Since we are the healthiest and most trustworthy skincare brand we also threw in Rose Extract for soothing your skin and giving it some anti-aging properties too!

Clinical Trials in-vivio testing
-95% people noticed an instant freshness on their face
-82% noticed their skin tone becoming more even and lighter after 2 weeks
-99% said their skin did not feel over dry after washing their face
-89% felt it removes heavy makeup after one wash
-100% results that their teenage kids loved the feel and smell

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