When dirt and sweat mix with the natural oils of your body, not only does it settle on your skin and penetrate within the pores, but it also tends to breed bacteria. Bar soaps and Body washes are used to dissolve the dirt from the surface of the skin and break this oily layer, keeping the skin safe from odor and infection.

While soaps perform the basic function of cleaning the skin, body wash does the same by using a cleaning mechanism that also contains numerous other ingredients that address common skin concerns! Some examples of skin concerns include dryness, clogged pores, and skin flaking. In other words, body washes restore the skin’s moisture that is otherwise stripped by your cleansing process!

This is exactly why we often advise using body washes as opposed to soaps.

Explained below are skin types and instances when body wash is the best cleansing choice:

   For very dry skin type:

If your skin feels dry, stripped of natural oils, or flaky after a shower, you are using the wrong cleansing products! You should use a good quality hydrating Body wash, that gives your skin the necessary nutrients and also coats your skin while sealing in moisture.

   For acne-prone skin:

For people with acne-prone skin, dermatologists often recommend mildly formulated body washes as opposed to soaps. Due to their liquid consistency, body washes are easy to apply and soft on painful acne. Not only do they clean the skin thoroughly, but they also leave it soft and hydrated. In case of severe acne, do not forget to consult your dermatologist before using any skincare product.

   When you want to exfoliate your skin:

Whether it is soap, body wash, or body gel, all cleansing products often come with exfoliating agents. In the case of body washes, the exfoliating agent in it is finely milled and grounded down, thus making it spread evenly on the body without making the skin feel dry or uncomfortable.

When you apply the body wash with a loofah or sea sponge, it helps better apply and rinse the product off your skin and provides an additional level of exfoliation for the skin.


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