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I am so impressed with the Trulykomal Nourishing cream. It has deeply hydrated my skin and within a month my hyper pigmentation looked almost gone! Miraculous! Yayy!
I am very picky about which serums I use. But thank God I tried the Truly Komal Stem Cell serum…. not only have my pores started to look smaller and my skin smoother… but it also acts as a great primer for my makeup!!
Finally there is a great quality sunblock in the market. It instantly absorbed into my skin and there was no white stuff left on my face! And it moisturizes my face too so i can actually even skip my moisturizer sometimes… wohoo!
I am using the entire Trulykomal Range and my entire face and neck has been glowing for the past two weeks! So exciting! Good job Komal Rizvi!!!!! Keep it up!
My wife used TrulyKomal Products and its amazing. The glow serum is ‘AWESOME’.
Truly Komal products smells so nice, I love it.. all products are so lovely.
Truly Komal products brightens the skin, make it even skin tone.
I do take care of my Skin and every man should practice it.
Whitening Cream is ‘Super Awesome’.
Sunblock is extremely essential for Men.
Beauty Power Level Up.
TrulyKomal products are so organic and light to skin. It helps me to moisturize my skin. It genuinely soft and Komal to your skin.
I am sure Truly Komal brands will do really well.
Truly Komal products are made with natural, safe and healthy ingredients.
TrulyKomal products are amazing!!!! Komal Rizvi’s skin  is flawless.
Sana Jaffery
Tanzeela Hashwani
Mrs. Anila Raheela
Ahsan Khan
Ushna Shah
Nida Yasir
Javed Sheikh
Aijaz Aslam
Mehwish Hayat
Zara Noor Abbass
Nadia Hussain
Hira Tareen
Sarwat Gilani