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7-Day Beauty Challenge for Healthy, Glowing Skin

7-Day Beauty  Challenge for Healthy, Glowing Skin

Let's set a challenge to kick off Healthy Skin Month! To get healthy, radiant skin, add one new thing to your daily routine!

We occasionally neglect to practise self-care, such as our skincare routine, with everything going on in our life. For this reason, we're setting up a 7-Day Beauty Challenge for you.

Since they are frequently inconvenient for us, it isn't easy to keep up with challenges and try new things. However, 7 days is only a short week, so we hope you can give us some of your time! We guarantee that the challenge will be simple and uncomplicated to include in your regular skincare regimen.



Inadequate washing is the leading cause of quicker skin ageing and more frequent breakouts. Sometimes when we don't remove our makeup, the remaining particles soak into our skin and lead to wrinkles and breakouts. But, we've got a surprise for you if you think this doesn't apply to you because you don't wear makeup! Your skin produces oil throughout the day; if it is not thoroughly washed, it will age more quickly and be more prone to outbreaks.

How can I properly clean my skin and remove my makeup?

1: Begin by cleaning your face gently with a product like TrulyKomal Gentle Cleansing Milk. Your makeup is removed with ease!



2: Next, gently wash your face using a face cleanser that won't dry your skin. It will be simple to complete the task using any of TrulyKomal Face washes. We have a fantastic range for you as per your skin need.

Your skin will be clean and fresh when you're through, never tight, flaky, or dry.

The easiest step to include into your daily routine is this one. What's best? Every night, it should take no more than five minutes. Consider how appreciative your skin will be!



To survive, we require sleep just as much as we do food and drink. There are countless advantages to sleep for both our physical and mental wellness. It is among the most crucial but underappreciated components of a glowy skincare routine.

Due to job commitments or other obligations, getting the recommended amount of sleep can occasionally take a back seat. Setting up a regimen for yourself helps reduce stress and guarantees you get adequate sleep. In addition, planning your days and weeks makes it easier to complete your chores quickly and prevents you from becoming overburdened at the last minute.

All-nighters should be avoided at all costs.

If you don't get enough sleep every night, start by trying to get more rest a few days per week. Add a day after each week; eventually, you should sleep well seven days a week.


To get rid of pollutants and dead skin, exfoliators are necessary. However, your skin type may dictate how much exfoliation you need to do. Try TrulyKomal Brightening Scrub, a powder-to-foam brightening scrub that, when combined with water, creates a smooth foam. Exfoliating will help you attain brighter, smoother skin by minimising the look of pores.




You've undoubtedly heard this numerous times before, but it's still important. Your body and skin may occasionally only want a little internal moisture, which water alone can supply. Try to drink as much water as you can instead of coffee, energy drinks, and juices.


If you frequently wear makeup, give your skin a day off. Allow your skin to acclimate to the weekend as you finish the workweek. It's the ideal way to begin a weekend of self-care.

It may seem strange at first to entirely modify your routine and go out without any makeup, but this is a challenge, after all! Take modest steps if you aren't ready to commit to going makeup-free for the entire day.


It can be challenging to quit this behaviour, but it is crucial to do so. All day long, we contact a lot of different things, picking up germs that end up on our faces. Pay attention to when you touch your face and make an effort to stop.

Be mindful of the things you do let to touch your skin, in addition to refraining from touching your face! 

In order to get a radiant glowy skin incorporate some of the TrulyKomal products in your skincare routine & you will achieve the glass-like skin. Take the 7Day Beauty Challenge and share your feed back with us.

Some TrulyKomal Starlight products to give your skin a radiant glow:

  1. TrulyKomal Brightening Face wash
  2. TrulyKomal Honey Face wash
  3. TrulyKomal Cucumber Face wash
  4. TrulyKomal Brightening Scrub
  5. TrulyKomal Brightening Cream
  6. TrulyKomal Tone & set Mist
  7. TrulyKomal Whitening Mask


Gear Up and take the 7 Day Beauty Challenge to achieve the Healthy Glowy skin like never before.


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