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"7 reasons we are obsessed with Face Oils?!"

"7 reasons we are obsessed with Face Oils?!"

"7 reasons we are obsessed with Face Oils?!"


If the idea of applying oils on your skin makes you think of really bad breakouts, reconsider!!!!

 Vitamins, antioxidants, and omega fatty acids are all included in natural facial oils. They contain natural anti-inflammatory effects, act as a barrier to keep moisture in, and supply skin with the nutrients it requires to heal.

Oils are used to provide hydration, moisturization, and nourishment to the skin, plumping it and providing instant vitality and radiance. They help re-balance skin and restore a healthy complexion for all types of skin (yes, even those of you with oily skin who think face oils should be avoided at all costs)  to help re-balance skin and restore a healthy complexion.

Facial Oils are profoundly concentrated, meaning you just need a limited quantity to accomplish extraordinary advantages for your skin.

Face oil is the oil that your skin normally creates, also called sebum. The rate that our skin produces sebum increments over the course of the evening and morning, leaving our skin 'oiliest' at noontime. It then, at that point, declines from early afternoon to evening, leaving our skin 'driest' around evening time. This is the point at which our skin is generally organically prepared to ingest a facial oil. We are basically 'taking care of our face' with all the vitamins, fatty acids and antioxidants it needs to re-balance, hydrate and heal.

Let’s have a look at the reasons for this obsession:

facial oils can help with aging skin.

Oils for the face can help with wrinkles and aged skin.

Hormonal shifts lead the skin to grow drier as we age, our bodies create less collagen and elastin, and our complexions become more susceptible to UV damage and oxidative stress. However, according to experts, the appropriate face oil can help with all of these issues.

Good for dry skin

Oils are the perfect remedy to dry, flaky skin and red cheeks, and they can be far more effective at hydrating than over-the-counter lotions and creams.

Protective barrier against free radicals

Essential oils are extracted from botanicals that are naturally high in antioxidants. These antioxidants aid in the formation of a protective barrier against free radicals, harmful substances, and pollutants in the environment. They serve as a vehicle for the penetration of additional active chemicals (cell rejuvenators) into deeper layers of the epidermis. Additional benefits include the ability to speed up the skin's natural healing process and aid in the repair of irritation and injury since oil forms a lipid barrier over the skin.

The perfect primer for makeup

Facial oils zip through the top layer of skin with rapid speed, settling securely into the places that require the most hydration. This offers an instant plumping effect and the ideal canvas for your makeup – and the smoother your skin is, the better your entire face will look.

Secret to the glowy, dewy skin

Arguably the most loved feature of face oils is the gorgeous glow it gives our skin after applying! Infact, the glow goals are so to die for that many makeup artists have started to incorporate face oil into their skin prep routine. Unlike heavy face creams that sit on the skin’s surface, face oil seamlessly absorbs into the skin and leaves you with a plump and hydrated base for foundation or tinted moisturizer.

Suitable for all skin types

Contrary to popular belief, face oils can benefit practically all skin types; all you have to do is choose the perfect one! Even if you have oily or acne-prone skin, it can become dry, and face oils are an excellent method to provide your skin with the hydration it requires. The TrulyKomal Multivitamin face infusion oil is specially curated to suit all skin types.

Great for Lymphatic Drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage (lymphatic fluid helps remove waste and toxins from your tissues) is a massage method that encourages drainage through your lymph nodes. It not only aids in the absorption of your facial oil, but it also helps to reduce inflammation in the skin, reduce puffiness, and tone and sculpt the natural contours of your face. It's also a great way to unwind!


Using the TrulyKomal Multivitamin face infusion oil can help in restoring, revitalizing and help in healing your dull, lifeless skin.

The face infusion oil is enriched with:

Vitamin A: To speed up the process of healing and prevent breakouts.

Vitamin D: Enhances skin cell growth.

Vitamin E: Makes skin youthful.

Vitamin F: Soothes and calms irritated skin and make it healthier.


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