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<h1>The importance of perfumes.</h1>
One of the most important of your five senses is the sense of smell! No wonder, perfumes play a major role in our lives. The fragrance that you wear has the ability to make or spoil your day! It is a means to escape and has the power to instantly lift your mood and the moods of people around you.

Scents also have the ability to take you back to the period you want to reminisce. For example, your teenage days, your first date, or your childhood memories. This is because your choice of fragrance revolves around your personal life experiences, and is solely based on negative or positive experiences related to that fragrance.

Select your perfume carefully! The perfume that you are wearing is the best reflection of your personality; it makes you appear pleasant and attractive and draws the right kind of people to your circle. The uniqueness of your perfume and how it sits on your body becomes your signature aura and your identity.
So whether it is a job interview, a business meeting, or a date, the right perfume is sure to leave a pleasant and memorable impression of you.
Wear the right perfume, first of all for yourself and then for the people who matter.
<h2>What to keep in mind while choosing a perfume?</h2>
Looking for the ideal perfume? Remember, that <strong>your ideal</strong> will always be about <strong>you</strong> and has nothing to do with what others like.
It’s best to be specific about what you like and what suits you before choosing the right perfume. Mentioned below are some pointers that you might want to keep in mind while choosing the best perfume.
<h3>1. Know your fragrance preferences!</h3>
Some people like the smell of flowers, some like fruity fragrances, others like woody or musky fragrances. First of all, KNOW the kind of aromas that you like! Once you are sure of your favorite aura, you can easily pick your perfume.
<h3>2. How do different fragrances set on your skin?</h3>
The same perfumes can smell differently on different people. This is because scents are altered by the reaction that takes place on the natural bacteria on the skin.
Therefore, while buying a perfume, make sure you spray some on your skin to see how that fragrance sets on you. The same perfume might work differently for different people.
Also, keep your skin type in consideration while choosing your perfume. If you have dry skin, the fragrance might dissipate faster, so you might need to buy a long-lasting fragrance or moisturize your skin before applying the perfume.

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One very important thing that we look for while searching for the ideal perfume is how long-lasting it is. This solely depends on the notes used in the perfume, the oil and alcohol ratios /how concentrated the fragrance is, and how the perfume has been applied.
<h3>1. Know the notes of the perfume:</h3>
It is important to know that a perfume contains three different notes, commonly known as Top Notes, Middle Notes, and Base Notes.

The top note is the first you smell in a perfume. They evaporate faster than the rest of the notes.
Middle notes make their presence known once the top note fades. Known as the heart of the perfume, this note determines the perfume’s most dominant aura.
The base note is the longest lasting. It slows down the evaporation of the top and middle notes and is the reason that the fragrance lasts longer. The stronger the base note, the longer-lasting the perfume is.
<h3>2. The concentration level of the perfume:</h3>
Perfumes come in various concentrations. The higher the concentration, the more long-lasting the fragrance will be. The more alcohol content in the perfume, the faster it will lose its scent. A perfume with higher oil content will last longer.
<h3>3. The fluctuation in body temperature :</h3>
Perfumes react to changes in body temperature throughout the day. As the temperature changes, the perfume reacts accordingly. So for example, if it’s a hot day and you are sweating too much, your Perfume might not last that long.
<h3>4. Where the perfume is applied:</h3>
If the perfume is applied to your clothes, it might not last as long as it might last when applied directly to the body. The best way to retain and fully utilize the fragrance of your perfume, is to apply it to your pulse points. Apply it on your wrist, inside your elbows, or the nape of your neck, to maximize its existence.

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