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Gone are the days when vanity was only for women. The modern man today, believes in looking good just as much as the modern woman does. One of the main prerequisites for a good-looking you are good-looking hair! There has been a recent surge in self-care products for men, out of which, hair serums mostly top the list!!  

Can hair oil replace a hair serum?

  Many men claim that applying hair serums is unimportant because they are already using hair oil. We beg to disagree! While hair oil alters the structure of hair, serums coat their surface. A serum is applied on clean hair, after the shower, while hair oils are applied before showering. Applying oil might benefit the hair but it makes the hair appear greasy and act as a magnet for dirt particles. A serum, on the other hand, gives nourishment and protection to hair without making the hair oily or greasy.  

When and How to use hair serum?

  Make sure you apply serums after washing and drying your hair and not on oily hair. This is because Serums work best on dry hair than on oily hair. Applying a serum retains moisture inside hair shafts. If your hair is oily, the moisture might weigh down after washing. For best results, it is best to use hair correction serums twice a day on washed hair.  

Types of serums:

  Most Hair serums form a protective shield on hair, shielding them from the harsh weather and making them shiny and frizz-free. Others provide bounce and fullness to hair, making them perfect for men with light and thin hair. Yet there are others that are used before styling, for protection against styling tools.   The ingredients used in hair serums often include silicone, amino acids, biotin, keratin, and ceramides.  

Mentioned below are some of the most common types and functions of hair serums for men:


Prevents hair breakage and hair loss:

  Hair serums add texture and smoothness to hair. As your hair gets smoother, they are easy to comb and style. This helps prevent hair breakage and reverses hair damage. Many Anti-hair fall serums are also specially designed to reduce hair fall. Not only do these serums fight hair loss but they also increase your blood flow towards the scalp and stimulate hair growth.  

Makes hair smooth and manageable:

  Most serums have an oily consistency that reduces frizz, making hair smoother and easy to style. Along with treating hair fall, they also treat dull and damaged hair.  

Makes hair easy to style:

  Serums give your hair a detangling effect that makes your hair easier to comb, style, and manage.  

Makes hair shiny:

  Serums add moisture to the hair while providing them nourishment and care. Not only do they seal in humidity, but they also fight frizz and remove dullness from the hair. This adds extra vibrance and shines to the hair.  

Reverse damage:

  By replenishing the lost nutrients, many Serums reverse damage caused due to constant sun exposure, hair coloring, and covering of hair. These serums are ideal for men who wear caps or helmets.   Do you use serums? Which one is your favorite? Hair-Tonic-Spray


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