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Most of us already know that sun block is the key to a hassle free, well protected skin. If used regularly and applied correctly, it keeps the skin well protected against the sun and environment pollutants, keeping it safe from problems like skin cancer, discoloration of skin, uneven skin tone and premature aging!

Although the importance of sun block has been communicated several times through various platforms, many of us are still not benefiting from it. Reason? People are either afraid to use it, too lazy to make it a routine or are not using it correctly.

There are some myths about sun block that people still believe. In this blog, we will discuss 5 common misconceptions and try to clear them:

 1. People with dark skin do not need to wear sun block!

Absolutely incorrect!!

Dark skin is just as vulnerable to sun damage as other skin tones! The only difference is that the damage is not as easy to spot and might appear late. This might add to the problem, as the skin is often too damaged by then.

Direct exposure to the sun can make the skin patchy, even if it is dark toned. It might leave sun spots that lead to uneven skin tone. You may find different shades of color on the skin. Most important, your skin is prone to cancer if it is not well protected!

It is advised to apply sun block liberally at least 30 minutes before you go out, and reapply it every two to three hours.

 2. Once applied, sun block does not need to be re applied.

Wrong Wrong Wrong!!

Regardless of the brand or quality of sun block you use, you must apply sun block at least after every two to three hours!

Especially if you swim or sweat, it is a must to reapply sun block, even when your sun block claims to be water proof. This is because even though the water may not remove sun block, it definitely reduces or thins the layer of sun block that you have applied. If you sweat too much, or are a swimmer it is advised to re apply sun block (even if it is water resistant) after every one hour, instead of two!

 3. SPF  50 + sunblock means that you don’t need to apply it often.


The numbers mentioned on the sun block does not refer to how long the sun block lasts. It is only a measure of how much protection you get from the sun! So, if your sun block is SPF 50 or even more than that, you are definitely getting more protection than the sun blocks with lesser SPFs, but you still need to apply it after every two hours!

 4. Sun block is not important if the weather is cloudy or cold.

We again beg to disagree!!

Clouds or cold weather does not prevent the UV rays from reaching the skin. Clouds are, in fact, only water vapor that might make the sun appear lighter to you. The rays however, are strong enough to pass through the clouds and damage your skin. Same is the case during winters and areas where there is snow. In fact in case of snow, the sun rays hit your skin not once but twice! Once directly, and then, indirectly when they bounce off the snow!

 5. Sun block causes cancer

Not at all!!

The active ingredients in most sun blocks are zinc oxide or titanium dioxide. These ingredients cannot be absorbed by the skin and sit on the skin's surface, thus keeping your skin safe form absorbing any unsafe substances.

In fact, one of the main causes of skin cancer is attributed to the UV rays! Sun block does not cause cancer; in fact it prevents cancer by acting as a shield against the sun.

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