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It is true that age brings you a lot of wisdom but for your skin, it only brings wrinkles!

The first signs of aging are often shown on your skin!

As you age, you start developing fine lines on your skin, wrinkles start to appear, and your skin starts developing spots, commonly known as age spots. Some people start experiencing the signs of aging much earlier than others! Ever wondered why ?

Although the aging cycle of your skin can be attributed to many factors such as your skin type, your stress pattern, or your diet and lifestyle; one of the main reasons for early aging on your skin is the quality of care you give to your skin!

The earlier you start caring for your skin, the slower your aging process will be!

Skin care for slow aging does not necessarily have to start at a certain age or point on life. We suggest following a skin care routine as early as you can, but if you have crossed the age of 30, you definitely must ensure that you have your routine well sorted out!

It is ideal to adopt a simple, yet consistent skin care routine based on your skin type.

Listed below are 6 skin care steps that we consider very important to delay those early signs of aging:

Exfoliating the skin regularly is very important for a healthy skin! Not only does it keep the skin squeaky clean, but it also prevents pimples, blackheads and white heads.

One very important function of exfoliation is the prevention of early signs of aging! Here’s how!

The skin’s natural cell turnover rate slows down as you age. It therefore becomes very important to remove, dry, dead cells. If not removed, these flaky cells will keep piling up on the surface of the skin and, block new, fresher, and radiant cells that are underneath that pile. This will make the skin look dull and develop spots and lines that often indicate early aging!

We suggest exfoliating the skin twice or thrice a week depending on your skin type.


2.  Cleanse day and night.
Oil, Make up and dirt particles on your skin MUST be cleansed at least twice a day! A clean skin makes your skin more radiant, and keeps it free from minor flaws such as black heads and pimples. What most of us don’t know is that proper cleansing also defies the process of aging.

Skin that is not cleaned appears tired and dull and makes you look older! It is therefore very important to start and end the day with a clean skin.

Cleaning the skin at night rids the skin off dirt, toxins and makeup that might have settled on the surface during the day. Also, it is important to clean makeup form your face when you sleep. Old makeup not only causes fine lines and wrinkles but also exaggerates their appearance.

At night, the skin builds up oil and sweat on its surface, which is bound to clog pores and build up bacteria that cause skin problems. Therefore, it is a must to
clean the skin in the morning as well.

Be sure to use a cleanser specific to your skin type. If age is your concern, keep in mind that the skin gets dry with age. So it is best to use a cleanser that is infused in a rich moisturizer.


3.  Use Sun block during the day!

We all know that a good quality sun block protects your skin from the harsh UV rays and environmental pollutants such as smog, car fumes and free radicals.
Unprotected exposure to the sun is one of the most important factors that makes the skin age!
Some of the most common problems caused by aging due to sun rays are fine lines, wrinkles, age spots and sagging skin. Most of these problems may be hard to solve.
Make sure that you apply sun block during the day, even if you are indoors! Skin care experts urge on using sun block even during winters and cloudy days. For best results, re -apply sun block every two to three hours.

Sunblock sunblock-malik-zoom

4.  Moisturize both during day and night.
We have mentioned earlier that the skin dries as you age. And dry skin is one of the main causes of wrinkles and fine lines.

Use a good quality, rich moisturizer to keep your skin well hydrated during the day. You can choose the moisturizer based on your skin type.

Night is the time when your skin heals and repairs itself. A clean, well moisturized skin definitely aids the healing process. Do not forget to load your skin with rich moisture and anti-aging formula such as an anti aging serum before you sleep.

whitening-cream-1 acne-cream-1

5.  Use a good quality anti aging serum.
When your body starts slowing down, so does your collagen production! This means a reduction in skin elasticity and an increased chance of wrinkles.

This is why as you cross the age of 30, we highly recommend you start using an anti aging serum on your skin.

An anti aging serum is a concentrated dose of nutritious ingredients that revitalize the skin, reduce dark spots and discoloration due to age while also shrinking pores.


6.  Use an eye cream or serum.
The area around the eyes is often ignored by many. It is important to know that this is the area that develops dark circles and wrinkles first.

This is because the under eye skin is often very dry. We all know that dryness is the main cause of wrinkles and dark circles. Therefore, a very important anti aging step is to use an eye serum in the morning and night that can keep replenishing the moisture levels and keep it from developing wrinkles and dark circles.



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