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6 Tips for Perfect Winter Hair

6 Tips for Perfect Winter Hair

Regardless of the hair’s type or texture, winters are definitely tough on them! This is why we stress so much on a set hair care routine. Just like the skin, the hair also needs protection from the cold and dry air. A little care and extra effort, can keep your hair voluminous, smooth and lustrous this winter.

Before detailing into how you can care for your hair, it is important to learn what exactly damages your hair!

The Cold, dry air, and harsh weather conditions in the winters, pull the moisture away from your hair making them lifeless and dull. All this makes them dry, brittle and prone to breakage. Hair styling tools such as iron and hair dryers paired with chemical based coloring, further add to the damage. Your hair gets a rough and frizzy texture and you face problems such as dry, broken hair and split ends. Covering your hair and omitting the use of styling tools and chemicals can help protect hair to some extent, but, that might not be so practical for many!

This calls for a pre-defined system of hair care that keeps the hair manageable and also gives them the required nourishment.

We have shared a hair care routine that will help keep your hair in shape not only during winters but in all seasons.

1. Get regular trims

Regular trimming of hair removes split ends and damaged hair. It further reduces hair breakage and flyaway hair, thus making the hair look thicker and shinier.

2. Lower the water temperature while washing your hair

Hot water causes skin redness and over dries the scalp and hair. This results in brittle and breakage prone hair. We suggest washing your hair with warm water instead of hot, and rinsing it with cool water after the wash.

3. Use an Oil treatment

We highly recommend oiling your hair at least twice a week. Regular oiling helps restore the lost moisture in the hair, conditions the roots and revitalizes dry and damaged hair.

4. Exfoliate the scalp

Exfoliating is the process of removing scalp buildup, dead skin cells and dirt; this allows natural oils to keep the scalp nourished and healthy. It paves the way for fresher skin that encourages hair follicles to grow new and healthier hair. We highly recommend exfoliating the scalp once in a week.

5. Shampoo

Do not over wash your hair! Set a hair washing timetable depending on your hair type. E.g., dry hair need to be washed less often as compared to oily hair. When you wash, make sure that you use a shampoo that is mild and sulfate free and helps preserve the natural oils of your hair.

6. Deep condition

Most people skip this step. We highly recommend conditioning your hair after every wash. Conditioning combats the effects of styling tools, chemicals and dry winds. It gives volume to your hair and makes it shiny and lustrous.

7. Hair serum

A good quality hair serum saves your hair from breakage due to tangling. It makes hair soft, shiny and reduces frizz. Serums also protect hair from the effects of the sun, reduce hair breakage and encourage growth.

How did this blog help you? Do share your hair care routine with us!





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