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How To Get Rid of Acne In Eight Easy Steps

How To Get Rid of Acne In Eight Easy Steps
Are those ugly red spots on your skin coming in your way?? If yes, then KNOW that you are not the only one! At least 85% of the world’s population faces the same problem! Do not worry, just like everything else, this too, has a solution! A little adaption in lifestyle and some extra care can help rid your skin off acne!

What actually causes Acne?

Before detailing into the prevention and remedies for acne; let’s briefly examine its causes! Most of the times, the roots of acne can be attributed to the structure of your genes or hormones. Other causes might include increase in stress levels, unhealthy diet and skin infections. The main underlying cause, however, is Sebum. Increase in the skin's Sebum production can be a result of your lifestyle, diet pattern, stress or your skin type!

What does sebum do to your skin??

Excess sebum production plugs your skin’s pores and is one of the main causes of growth in bacteria. When our immune system tries to fight this bacterium, it gives rise to pimples, skin inflammation, white heads and blackheads.

Eight easy to follow solutions!!

The solution to acne is easy! All you need is a change in lifestyle and skin care routine! A better knowledge about your skin type and what causes acne will further help address this problem. Mentioned below are 8 steps that help you reduce, if not eliminate acne.

1. Increase your water intake!

Water is the most basic and easy solution to various problems, including ones that are skin related. It hydrates the skin and helps up your immune system, thereby making it strong enough to fight acne causing bacteria.  When used along with a moisturizer, water keeps your skin soft and sooth.  A hydrated and moisturized skin reduces acne along with skin dryness and roughness. Acne-Cream  

2. Say no to stress!

The hormones produced during stress aid in increasing sebum production and inflammation, making acne worse. Stress also slows the process of healing wounds that might delay the repair of acne lesions. All this results in more acne on your skin! So do a favor on your skin and try to avoid taking stress.  

3. Eat healthy!

Research shows that there are certain groups of food that can trigger acne. One of the examples includes dairy products because they include acne producing hormones. A skin friendly diet includes minimally processed grains, fruits, vegetables and nuts as opposed to processed food, cakes, doughnuts, sugar and soft drinks. Follow this clean eating routine with a toxin clearing face wash!  

4. Exercise regularly:

We all know that a regular exercise routine helps promote a healthy blood flow! The circulation of blood nourishes the skin cells such that it heals existing acne faster and prevents it from reappearing. Exercise further regulates the hormone levels, which, again, aids in preventing acne. Exercise regularly and use a good quality serum, for a glowing skin everyday! Acne-Serum

5. Use Products rich in Salicylic acid:

Research shows that salicylic acid is the greatest enemy of acne! Our skin pores or hair follicles often get plugged with dead skin cells and oil. This gives rise to many skin problems, of which, acne is the greatest. Salicylic acid works to dissolve dead skin cells that are clogging the pores. It also keeps your pores clear for longer. There are many salicylic acid infused products that you might find over the counter. These may include face washes, creams and serums. When buying a skin care product, ask for products containing salicylic acid.

6. Use Products infused in Witch hazel:

Extracted from the bark and leaves of the North American Witch Hazel Shrub, Witch hazel is known to fight acne causing bacteria and reduce skin irritation and inflammation.  It can be found in many skin care products available over the counter. Toner

7. Use Aloe vera or aloevera infused products:

According to recent studies, aloe vera gel, when combined with other substances like salicylic acid and tea tree oil, can improve acne. Although it can be applied directly from the plant, it is often constituted with other ingredients and available over the counter in the form of skin care products.

8. Exfoliate your skin regularly!

Exfoliating the skin removes dead skin cells that clog the pores and cause acne. Once the topmost dead layer of the skin is exfoliated, it also increases the effectiveness of acne treatment by allowing anti acne products to penetrate deeper. You can find a very wide variety of exfoliation products in the market, or you can make a natural scrub at home using sugar or salt. 01 acne-fw-web-new The above are some easy steps to combat acne by enhancing your lifestyle. Do let us know how this article helped you!


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