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Launch Event of ShoaibMalikbyTrulyKomal

Launch Event of ShoaibMalikbyTrulyKomal

The Red Carpet was all lit up, a modest media wall placed amidst two very creative photo booths. One of which reminded me of a magazine cover, while the other resembled a boat on a sunny day! I must say, they looked tempting, and I am quite sure the queue waiting patiently for their turn for a picture would have agreed!

A very well coordinated, team TrulyKomal was spotted, ensuring that the launch event went smooth and the guests were well looked after.

A few steps ahead was the stage, and overseeing the stage were the seating arrangements, placed neatly, 5 feet apart. The masks were out, and they had more, for anyone who had forgotten to bring their own.

The grand launch of ShoaibMalikbyTrulyKomal took place at Port Grand Karachi on the 13th of February.

Hosted by famous actor Mr Ali Ansari and attended by Komal Rizvi and Shoaib Malik, this event was one of the most happening events we have attended in a long time! Amongst the invitees were some of the renowned actors, cricketers and influencers of Pakistan. Some major News and radio channels were also spotted there. These included representatives from Geo news, Hum, AAj TV, Samma, Dunia, Express, 24 news. Amongst the leading radio channels were FM 89, Suno FM 89.4 and FM 106.

Actor, Singer and CEO of TrulyKomal , Komal Rizvi : We first got a chance to speak to skin care expert and supporter of local products, Miss Komal Rizvi! We asked her what motivated her to take out a hair and skin range exclusively for men! She gave us one of her heart melting smiles and said “Why Not?” She continued by explaining that men are also entitled to pampering and self care! She further added that we, as women, deserve good looking men too. She told us that the skin and hair care range of ShoaibMalikbyTrulyKomal consists of very effective ingredients that were formulated to groom the Pakistani man; she further ensured that the products are very affordable so that more and more people can buy and use them.

COO TrulyKomal Saad Khan: Saad Khan, is one of the very few men we know who believe in looking good and presenting the best version of oneself. When asked why he started this venture, he said that over his ten years of experience in skincare and cosmetics, he had always noticed that the industry lacked affordable skin and hair care products for men. Being one of those men, who always like to stay groomed, he had always been on the lookout for basic skin care products, but was mostly disappointed to see that they are not available here. “Most of the time, the Pakistani man has to settle for women’s skin and hair care products!” he complained. He further added that he had priced the products such that they could be afforded by the masses. He also added that all his products were tested and he himself had tried them. His favorite product, he told us, was the Charcoal Face wash.

Cricketer and Brand ambassador, Mr Shoaib Malik: One of the very few good looking sportsmen we know, the first question we asked him was obviously how he managed to keep his hair and skin on point. He gave us a one word answer, “SELFCARE!” He started with telling us how excited he was about launching a skin care range for men. As with all sportsmen, he said that, his skin was also in constant threat to sun and environmental damage. He further added that this was the case with all men who work or play outdoors. He therefore felt the need to have an exclusive product line which specially focused on hair and skincare for men that was affordable too. He urged all the Pakistani men to take care of their skin and look good!

CEO of BBPR and Brother to Komal Rizvi, Mr Hasan Rizvi: Hasan stressed on the need for hygiene for men. He told us how important it is for the present man to take care of himself in order to look clean and presentable. He stressed on how the Covid situation was a threat to the health of people who did not believe in personal hygiene. He ended by expressing his confidence in the product line and told us that he was expecting an amazing response!

Shahnaz Ramzi, CEO of StarLinks PR: She told us that she has always been a fan of TrulyKomal products. She continued with how she admired the professionalism of CEOs Komal Rizvi and Saad Khan. She also added that she had great expectations about this new product line.

Mr Rizvi: He started with how proud he was about his daughter, and how much he valued working women. He continued with explaining how hard Komal had worked on the project and how important this project was to her.

Ali Ansari: The host of the launch event was really excited about the new exclusive product range only for men and was really confident in the success of their products. He said that he was looking forward to try out the products and will give us a feedback soon.

The interview sessions was then followed by shout outs from influencers, who told us how promising Trulykomal products were and how excited they were about a skin care range only for men.

After interviews, every one moved to the stage area where the seats were already packed with almost two thousand people!
When everyone was seated, Mr Ali Ansari took the stage. He charmed the audience with his heartwarming speech and witty statements. His speech was followed by a rapid fire round and gifts for the winners. After this, he invited on stage, the key role players who brought this brand into existence.

He first invited Mr Saad Khan on the stage to give a short speech.

Saad had a lot to say about the brand, he told everyone how much hard work they had put in launching the product line and how proud he was about this brand. He added that the products were tested many times and altered according to skin of the Pakistani man. He further added that this product was sure to fill the gap in skin and hair care industry. He stressed the need for self hygiene, especially during Covid times and urged everyone to stay groomed and clean. He also shared how he had ensured that the products were reasonably priced as well so that everyone could afford it. His speech was concluded by a rapid fire round and gifts for the audience.

After this, it was time for Komal’s speech. After greeting everyone warmly, the actor, singer and CEO of TrulyKomal, Miss Komal Rizvi expressed her love for skincare and how this product range was very close to her heart. She told the audience how nervous she was about the event and how proud she is after seeing the love and response at the event. She urged everyone to take care of their health and also their skin. She further added that all the men out there should definitely try the products at least once and see the difference. She asked a few questions and distributed gifts to the audience. She concluded the speech by introducing her new song that she had recently launched. The song is called Chalo Chalain Kahin!!! How much the audience loved the song was obvious by the response of the crowd.
Next, the brand ambassador of ShoaibMalikbyTrulyKomal was invited on stage. Shoaib Malik started with thanking everyone for coming and supporting the brand. He continued with explaining to the audience how playing under different weather conditions would affect his skin and hair. He stressed on the importance of looking good for everyone, especially your better halves. After the speech, he asked a few rapid fire questions, in which he distributed gifts to the audience.

The event was concluded by a concert, conducted by our very own, Pakistan’s sweetheart, Komal Rizvi. She sang some of the audience’s favorite songs. By the time she started her second song, the crowd was up on their toes, singing and dancing along with her. For the last song, she invited kids from the audience to join her on stage. This last song she sang was her new song “Chalo Chalain Kahin” that sent all of us into a world of our own.


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