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One of the highest trending fads these days include heat styling for hair! Fashion enthusiasts like to experiment with different hairstyles most of which include the use of heat styling tools. This includes creative wavers, crimpers, hot rollers and irons! Although, styling gives you the look that you desire, it does have certain side effects for the hair! Heat styling leads to hair damage that makes your hair appear dry and brittle. It leads to hair breakage, exaggerates the appearance of split ends and makes it harder for the hair to lie flat! Frequent styling also burns the hair making them look rough and lifeless. It further makes them appear rough and frizzy. Be rest assured, none of these damages are permanent. They have a solution, provided that you start treating them as soon as they are detected. It is even better if you start taking precautions before these problems appear! With the proper treatment, and restoration of lost proteins you can take back your hair to its glossiest forms and help them grow back stronger and healthier! We are listing below some of the common problems caused due to heat styling:
  • Permanent or temporary hair loss.
  • Hair fall.
  • Dryness.
  • Lifelessness.
  • Stunted Hair Growth.
  • Itching in Scalp.
  • Split Ends.
  • Hair breakage.

Mentioned below are some suggestions on how you can solve or prevent this damage:

1. Don’t iron the same area twice:

Repeating heat treatment on your hair can double the damage that heat styling is already doing. Make sure you run the iron on your hair only once, so that your hair does not get burnt due to repetitive ironing.

2. Keep adjusting the temperature of your hair tool!

Sometimes a very hot styler can instantly damage the hair. It can lead to hair breakage and can burn the hair. Most styling tools, especially the flat iron has an adjustable temperature dial that makes it easy for you to get  a precise level of heat that will get the job done without risking any hair damage. So, always keep a check on the temperatures and adjust it accordingly.

3. Use heat protectants (serums/sprays):

Using heat styler directly on your hair can lead to burnt hair! To avoid this, make sure you use a heat protectant every time you straighten your hair! This will effectively limit the damage that heat can cause to the hair.

4. Take regular hair repair treatments:

Hair repair treatments include oiling, protein treatment, deep conditioning and use of hair masks. All these treatments are directed towards correcting the damage that has already been done to the hair. Treat your hair regularly to heal damaged hair and prevent it from getting further damaged.

5. Use a serum:

Serums effectively lock down and restore the moisture in the hair, making it healthy. They further work to ensure that they don’t look brittle and appear smooth. Serums also act as protectants and can be used on the hair before they are styled.

6. Limit the frequency of hairstyling tools:

The best solution to heat styling is to limit if not discontinue styling. The more you use stylers, the more susceptible your hair is to heat damage. The best way to do this is to try and make your styled hair last longer. This can be managed if you avoid sweat or dust on your hair and or/ delay washing hair that often. hair-growth-spray-web hair-growth-spray-web hair-growth-spray-web hair-growth-spray-web hair-growth-spray-web hair-growth-spray-web hair-growth-spray-web


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