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As opposed to the common myth that skin and hair care is only for women, we strongly believe otherwise! Both men and women MUST take care of their skin!  The routine that needs to be followed by men, however, is much less complicated than for women.  We have already shared skin care regimes for women in our previous blogs.  In this Blog, we will examine why men need to take care of their skin and how.

Why a Skin and Haircare regimen for men is a must!

Did you know that we all shed skin cells throughout the day! As we lose cells, we also lose vital natural nutrients from within our skin! As is the case with women, men also need to make sure that these lost nutrients are replenished through a proper diet and the right skin care products.

Also, according to recent research statistics, the average man is exposed to sunlight and pollution much more than the average woman. It is important to note that exposure to the environment doubles for you if you are an outdoor person. Due to this, the man’s skin is prone to, sunburn, pigmentation, discoloration, formation of wrinkles and much more!

The good news is that these problems do not come without a solution! Just a simple skincare routine can help men keep their hair healthy and complexion clear.

Five steps for Healthy Skin and Hair:

  1. Fix your lifestyle!

  • Catch up on your water intake: Remember! A well hydrated body gives you smooth, supple and issue less skin.
  • Take proper sleep: Your skin heals when you sleep, we recommend at least eight hours of sleep.
  • Eat right: Take lots of green vegetables and fruits. Cut out on fried and spicy food.
  • Exercise regularly: Regular exercise leads to better blood circulation, which, in turn increases the blood flow towards your skin and scalp.


  2. Apply a sun block!

When it comes to skin damage, sun is the biggest offender! Exposure to sun light increases chances of skin cancer, sun burn and rashes on the skin. It further discolors the skin and results in early formation of wrinkles and fine lines.


  3. Cleanse before you sleep!

Environmental exposure is bound to attract dirt, toxins and chemicals to your skin. Clean your face with an oil or lotion and/or wash it with a good quality face wash.


  4. Wash and condition your hair regularly!

Hair loss and dandruff, two of the biggest problems faced by men, is exactly why they need to wash their hair regularly with a good shampoo.  If you face problems like hair fall, you should choose a shampoo that addresses this problem.  We also suggest use of hair tonic or serum that addresses hair specific problems such as dandruff and hair loss. Exposure to the Sun, further burns hair, making it dry and brittle from the ends.  You can also address this problem by using a good quality hair tonic.

  5. Moisturize!

A good moisturizer not only balances the hydration level on your skin, but it also evens out sun treated skin, fades pigmentation and soothes inflammation. Make sure you buy a moisturizer that is specific to your skin type and addresses all issues faced by your skin.

What else can you add to this basic skin care routine? Do tell us how this article helped you??


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