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Why apply leave in oil every time you wash your hair?

Why apply leave in oil every time you wash your hair?

Why apply leave in oil every time you wash your hair?


Leave-in oil, also known as no-rinse or leave-on oil, are applied to your hair after you've washed it and before you style it. They're most commonly used on towel-dried hair.

They aren't washed out like ordinary oil. Leave-in oil add moisture to the hair while also protecting it from damage and detangling the strands.

Leave-in oil can benefit nearly any hair type — curly or straight, natural or color-treated — but they may be especially beneficial if you have dry, damaged, or frizzy hair. If you use heat-styling products like curling or straightening irons, they may prove to be very helpful.

What's the difference between regular oil and leave-in oil?

Leave-in oil are often formulated to be lighter than standard oil that you rinse away in the shower. This keeps the hair from becoming weighed down. Instead of forming firm bonds, the TrulyKomal Mystic Hair OIl  produce a detangling action that aids in combing and keeping your chosen style. 

Benefits of leave-in oil

The biggest advantage of applying a leave-in oil is that it adds moisture to the hair, which improves its overall health. Leave-in oil is beneficial to all hair types.

Here's how it works:

Dry Hair

People with dry hair will benefit the most from leave-in oil because it provides the necessary moisture. Damage, frizziness, and breakage can all result from dry hair.

Consider concentrating the leave-in oil on your ends if they are extremely dry.

Helps with Frizz

Because of the unique shape and structure of your hair, you're more prone to frizz if you have dark or curly hair. Using a leave-in oil, on the other hand, can aid with this and offer your hair a nourishing pleasure!

By keeping hair hydrated between washes, these handy items go a long way toward eliminating frizz. If your locks need a boost while you're on the road, don't worry: you can keep a leave-in oil in your handbag and run it over dry locks whenever you like!


If your hair becomes knotty after washing, a leave-in hair oil will help to smooth your locks, making it simpler to disentangle your tresses! This means combing through your hair will be less of a chore and will result in fewer breakages.

TrulyKomal Mystic Hair Oil is great for making tangled hair more manageable, so try it if you have knotty locks. It also contains a nutritious argan and sunflower  oil blend that will leave your hair feeling extremely silky - always a plus!

Preps the Hair

If you can't keep your hands off your heated styling equipment, don't worry: you can still condition and protect your strands from drying out! How? Leave-in hair oils, on the other hand, are excellent primers for using products like hair dryers and straighteners. All you need to do is smooth a small quantity of TrulyKomal Mystic Hair Oil through damp, towel-dried hair to make it more manageable and styleable.


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