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A healthy skincare routine keeps your skin glowing and in good condition for longer! It prevents skin breakouts, pimples, inflammation and wrinkles. An effective routine can help cure acne, treat wrinkles, and ensure that your skin looks its best. Here’s why! Your skin is directly exposed to weather changes, sunlight, and environmental pollutants. It loses firmness, moisture and healthy skin cells on a daily basis. This shows that your skin deteriorates as you age. It is therefore very important to take good care of your skin starting NOW!

New to skincare? It is never too late to start!

Remember! If you are not a big user of skincare products, you may not know on as to which products are meant for your skin. Therefore, we suggest starting your skin care regimen step by step! For beginners with no prominent skin problems, we suggest a simple skincare routine that includes, cleansing, moisturizing and using a sunscreen! You can add more products such as serums, scrubs and masks, once your skin gets used to the routine. If you are facing problems such as dark circles under your eyes, you can add an eye serum to this regimen. For acne prone skin, you can add on an acne specific spot serum. Let’s examine each step in detail!


Your skin attracts and absorbs environmental toxins, dirt and chemicals when you go out. This causes dirt to settle on the skin and penetrate within the pores. Makeup particles further clog the pores and play a major role in damaging the skin. The only solution to this is, proper cleansing! This is why cleansing should always be the first step for any kind of skincare routine. It removes makeup, dirt and pollutants, giving your pores space to breath and absorb other skin care products better! Cleansing also keeps your skin safe from infections, sebum production, and unexpected breakouts and swelling. Also, if your skin is clean, it will also absorb makeup better. There are many ways to clean the skin and a wide variety available to choose from, so choose wisely! Most people wash their faces with a face wash or use a cleansing milk or oil to clean their face. If you are a beginner, we recommend using mild products. It is also always a good idea to double cleanse the skin by using both a face wash and cleanser.

Eye cream

Many people face problems such as dryness around the eyes, dark circles, eye bags and puffy eyes. If you are one of them, we urge you to drink lots of water, take proper rest and keep the area around your eyes hydrated. This can be followed by the use of eye serum and creams that aid in maintaining the hydration level around the eyes and fade dark circles. A good eye serum is an ideal remedy for puffy eyes and dark circles. The best time to apply eye serum is after cleansing your face. This can then be then followed by a sun block and a light moisturizer.

Spot treatment

Acne is very common amongst all ages. There can be many causes of acne, some of them being dirt, toxins, bad quality skin and makeup products, and excess sebum production. Not following a healthy skin care routine can also sometimes be the cause of acne. Acne often leads to spots and scars that can often be a menace! Most of the time, acne can be avoided through proper cleansing and moisturizing! In severe cases, you might need creams or serums to prevent acne. If you have acne or spots on your face, you can apply a trusted acne serum on them, after you wash your face. This can then be covered with a moisturizer. A good quality acne serum effectively fades scars and reduces acne.


A moisturizer maintains the skin’s healthy cells and effectively protects it from irritation. The earlier you start using moisturizers the better complexion you will have in the long term! Furthermore, moisturizing everyday can reduce the chances of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. Both of which can lead to skin conditions such as acne and pigmentation. A good moisturizer also works to give skin a radiant look by concealing blemishes and making it even.


Regardless of the weather, your skin is in constant exposure to the sun on a daily basis. Therefore, the importance of sun block cannot be stressed enough! Sun block protects your skin from skin problems such as pigmentation, sun spots, sunburn and premature aging. Direct exposure to the sun is also a major contributor to skin cancer! We highly recommend using a sun block daily, even on cloudy days or when you are indoors! For best results, make sure you apply the sun block every 3 hours!


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