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The Hows And Whys of Skincare for Men!

The Hows And Whys of Skincare for Men!
Dullness on your skin? Fine lines showing up? Sudden skin breakouts? You definitely have been ignoring your skin since too long!

Just like women, skin problems are common in men too! Did you know that skin problems are known to affect self confidence and performance for both men and women?

It’s high time that men start caring for their skin just like women do!

For men, skin care is neither as complex, nor as expensive as it is for women. Just a simple upgrade in routine and little consistency can bring a major improvement in men’s skin!

Since it’s never too late to develop a skin care routine, there is absolutely no reason why men should not take active steps to polish up their glow, let’s see how they can do it!
<h2>1. Be consistent!</h2>
Skipping a proper skin care routine? STOP RIGHT THERE! The first step towards a good skin is to follow a regular <a href="">skin care routine</a>. Set a time table, allocate slots, and be regular!
<h2>2. Own a good moisturizer!</h2>
If you want to reduce chances of skin problems, keep a moisturizer in stock! A moisturizer maintains your skin’s healthy cells, retains the hydration level in your skin and protects your skin from dryness or irritation. It further works to prevent breakouts and acne on skin. We highly recommend a light weight moisturizer during the day and night!
<h2>3. Use a <a href="">Sun block!</a></h2>
Along with protecting your skin against sun tans and sun burns, a sun block keeps your skin hydrated and also protects it from skin cancer! Remember! Sun block is not just for the beach or outdoor sports! You should apply sun block throughout the day in order to avoid incidental sun exposure. Also, make sure to reapply it every two to three hours!
<h2>4. Clean before you sleep!</h2>
A bedtime skin routine is a must! This will give your skin time to heal while you sleep! Proper cleaning before you sleep is very important! This is because the skin is exposed to environmental pollutants such as air pollution, cigarette smoke, industrial chemicals and the UV rays throughout the day! It is therefore prone to attract toxins and chemicals, which are very likely to penetrate and settle deeper into the pores!

How do you take care of your skin? Is there anything you would like to add to this?


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