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9 Skincare Mistakes We All Make!

9 Skincare Mistakes We All Make!
There are certain skin care mistakes that are definitely a sin to make! And most of us are guilty of making some, if not all of these mistakes. Which skin care sin are you guilty of??

1. Not washing your makeup brushes

How often do you wash your makeup brushes? The answer to this for many of us is rather predictable! But, did you know that Makeup brushes nurture bacteria, oil and dirt from your face? This can lead to skin breakouts, acne and inflammation! Brushes also harbor left over makeup residue and dead skin cells that clog the brushes. Once clogged, the brushes not only prevent you from getting the makeup results that you want, they also give rise to more bacteria formation that can lead to various skin problems. The solution to this is washing your brushes at least once a week and your sponges daily!

2. Wearing Sun block only at the beach

What is the best time to wear a sun block!! The answer to this is, “All the time during the day”. Many people believe that Sun block should be worn only to the beach. We strongly disagree. Wear a sun block every day, whether you are at the beach or anywhere else. According to dermatologists, wearing sun block daily is the best thing you can do for your skin. A good quality sun block protects the skin from developing sun spots, dark patches and wrinkles. Regular use makes your skin tone even and clearer.

3. Using makeup wipes instead of proper cleansing

Are makeup wipes enough to clean our skin??The answer is a big NO! Although a quick and convenient way to wipe makeup, the makeup wipes are not as effective in removing makeup as you think! Using a wipe on your face might clean the top layer of your makeup, but the toxins, chemicals and makeup particles that have penetrated deep with your skin, into your skin pores still remain. We highly recommend using oil or a cleansing lotion and following it with a face wash or mild soap.

4. Popping pimples

Have you ever popped your pimples? We are sure you have!! Popping a pimple is definitely very tempting! But indeed, a very bad idea! Along with spreading bacteria and triggering more pimples, popping pimples aggravates the skin, leading to skin inflammation, redness and swelling. It is therefore best not to touch a pimple, and let it dry out either naturally or medically. If the pimple is too much of a pain, we recommend compressing it with something clean and warm (make sure that it’s not too hot) this will soften the sebum and will allow the pimple to drain itself.

5. Sleeping with makeup on

How much do you hate cleaning your face before you sleep? A LOT…we believe! After a long day out, sleeping with makeup on is rather tempting! However enticing the idea might seem, this is a sin you must avoid! First of all, night is the only time you can give your skin a break from makeup. If you don’t cleanse your skin even then, your pores will always be blocked with makeup and your skin will have no break from toxins, dirt and bacteria. Furthermore, night is the time the skin heals itself! And it heals best if it is left uninterrupted! In other words sleeping with makeup on makes your skin easy bait for breakouts, dull skin, and fine lines.

6. Constantly touching your face

How many times a do you touch your face in one day?? Many times, we believe! One of the worst habits that go against the health of your skin is touching your face. It is time you break this habit! When you touch your face, the bacterial on your hands shifts to your face. You might wash your hands later, but the damage has already been done! It is especially important for those who have oily skin. Touching the face spreads dirt, oil, and bacteria which results in clogged pores and skin breakouts.

7. Not cleaning your phone

Did you know that your phone screen also picks up bacteria? We often wash our hands but forget to disinfect the phone that we use so much! With the increase in mobile usage throughout the years, your phone catches various kinds of bacteria and dirt. These germs then stay on your phone screen until you clean it. And every time you use your phone, the bacteria moves to your face and stays there! A dirty phone screen is probably one of the strongest reasons behind your skin breakout, acne and inflammation. We often wash our hands but forget to disinfect the phone that we use so much! We highly recommend cleaning the phone screen with a disinfecting wipe, as often as possible.

8. Eating too much sugar

How much sugar do you consume during the day?? What you are applying is definitely important, but something else which we often ignore is what we are putting in our body! And we kid you not, be very mindful of that! One thing that is found in most of the foods that we eat is sugar! Too much sugar causes inflammation in the body and leads to numerous skin concerns; these include breakouts on the skin and reduction of collagen production in the body. The best way to reduce sugar is reducing intake of fizzy drinks, chocolates and cookie, and shift to options that are less sugary.

9. Not drinking enough water

How many glasses of water do you consume during the day? Insufficient intake of water can affect your skin in numerous ways. First of all, if the skin is dehydrated, it will become dry, flaky and, tight. The dryer the skin is, the greater the chance is that it becomes wrinkle prone. Taking proper water intake, on the contrary, keeps your skin supple, hydrated and healthy. We really hope this blog helped you! Would you like to add anything to this list? Do leave suggestions in the comments section and tell us what you would love to read on our blog next!


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